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We exist to be a home for humanity.

No matter what your color, background or story is, you are welcome and you are loved. Our vision is to build a growing church of people committed to being with Jesus, living like Jesus and doing what Jesus did.


Jesus: Our Message

We are Jesus people. Jesus is at the center of everything we do. We believe in the power of preaching the Good News of Jesus and worshiping together with singing. Jesus is our message.

People: Our Calling

Church is not a building but a people. We are for all people. If you are breathing, we love you. Everything we do is to bring life and hope into people’s lives.

Serving: Our Joy

It is our joy to serve. Serving each other, our community, and ultimately God. We want to serve with a smile on our face. When there is a need we want to be there.

God's Presence: Our Passion

We were made to have uninterrupted relationship with God. Whether we are meeting corporately or having coffee with a friend, we want God’s presence to be known. We are passionate about God’s presence.

Community: Our Lifeline

We love the church and believe it is the hope of the world. We also believe it to be a lifestyle not just a single service. We are privileged to do life together in every aspect. We need you and you need us.

Faith: Our Lifestyle

We choose to see every situation with eyes of faith. We serve a great God and we believe for great things.

Generosity: Our Response

We are generous because God has been ever so generous with us. We are generous with our time, talents, and treasures. Everything we have is a gift, and we want to help as many people as we can with our generosity. 




While attaining his Bachelors degree of Theology at Portland Bible College in Portland, OR. Andrew Damazio fell in love with Julia, a native New Yorker, who had come to the same school studying Theology and Counseling. The pair possessed a similar passion of loving young people and became Youth Pastors at City Bible Church. Being involved in youth ministry for eight years, Andrew and Julia always had their house filled with people and loved getting to know the youth of their city.

Over time as Andrew and Julia grew in their gifting, they felt in their hearts that God was calling them to be Lead Pastors of a Church one day. Andrew and Julia decided to take a step of faith in 2016 and moved from everything they knew, to be embraced by Churchome (Formerly The City Church) in Seattle, WA.

Andrew and Julia took a year to pray and rest before taking on the task of Church planting. After a year it was confirmed through the eldership of Churchome it was time to send the Damazio’s back to the city from which they came and plant a dynamic Church. Along with their two children Cruz and Quinn, Andrew and Julia could not be more excited to run after the call of God and begin building His kingdom in Portland, aka The City of Roses.